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To provide happy, healthy working conditions and a good work/life balance, is what we strive for

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About Us

Saigon Apparel was co-founded by Directors Tinh Nguyen (David) and his brother-in- law Liem Trang in 2015 from a combined desire to provide high quality cost effective apparel and accessories to a growing boutique fashion market.

The Nguyen and Trang families have had the ancient talent of tailoring in their veins for generations. Growing up in Central Viet Nam, where 80% of industry comprises farming and manufacturing in the textile, clothing and footwear industry, it would be hard to not continue the tradition of crafting clothing.

David’s experience is extensive and intense, having previously worked for some years in a Management, Sourcing and International Client Liaison role for a company employing over 4000 workers. He has exceptional language and communication skills which were utilized to the benefit of the company and their massive client base. Due to this previous company’s ethics of staff maltreatment and poor wages, David decided to establish his own company and factory.

To provide happy, healthy working conditions and a good work/life balance, is what we strive for. Saigon Apparel allows our tailors to have flexible hours so that they can take and pick up their children from school, and without the mandatory overtime that is normally expected from workers in the apparel industry. Staff can work from their homes if necessary, and are paid a good salary, well above the national average for tailors. Each employee is important to us – without their skills and intellect we have no business.

Saigon Apparel employs staff that each have exceptional skill and talent, from a wide variety of sectors in the clothing and apparel industry. Each one of our technicians has had extensive experience in professional organizations with the outcome of the honing of specific techniques. In conjunction with our in-house team, through our close-knit established network, we can facilitate outsourcing and costing of special finishes and services such as digital printing, screen printing, heat press labelling, dyes and washes, and leather work. Just ask us and we will endeavor to satisfy any requirement you desire.

No order is too big or small! Unlike most clothing and accessory factories in Vietnam, we are happy to work with your order of small quantities as you start your business. Our intention is to support the growth of your business and produce larger quantities in time as your business develops, to a mutually beneficial outcome.

We strive for excellence! We take pride in every piece of clothing and every accessory we make. If you aren’t completely satisfied with our product, we will continue to re-sample until your outcome is met, sent to you at no cost. Please read reviews from our previous customers for your peace of mind.


Bich Nam village, Tam Xuan 2, Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam, Viet Nam

Phu Binh village, Tam Xuan 1, Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam, Viet Nam

 (84) 01213 657 756